Books & Spirit Art

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Books & Spirit Art
8 February, 2020 10:00 am
8 February, 2020 5:00 pm
31 October, 2019
The Spirit University
373 Braden Ave, Sarasota, 34243

A delightful day of exploration, education, and experience into Spirit Art and Artists, Metaphysical and Spiritual Books, Writers and Writing.

Books & Spirit Art Schedule

10 am Intuitive Bubble Art – Michelle Axberg, 20 min

Acrylic Pouring is a Fluid Painting technique wherein the artist mixes different acrylic colours with a pouring medium and applies them to the canvas. You don’t apply the paint with a brush, but you pour them directly onto the canvas. Then you let the paint flow, change the direction of the flowing process and there you go – your first Acrylic Pouring Painting is almost done. The best about this technique is: You don’t have to be a talented artist or have great drawing skills. You just need some Acrylic Pouring supplies, a little bit of time and can enjoy creating unique art you will be satisfied about. Learn how one artist has included pour painting into her intuitive reading process.

10:30 am “It IS A New World After All” – Michelle Angel, 20 min

Poetry & Prose to inspire a new world vision — guides us to discover deeper perspectives in our day to day living, and helps to shift our perspective from victim to creator. The discovery of our true Divinity is essential to our very survival; our ultimate evolution is at hand! The messages in “It IS A New World After All” inspire you to activate a deeper aspect of Self, thus empowering your innermost being. These essential messages are simple and practical, yet deep and profound. United, we can understand consciousness so well, that we can skip to a new reality and create a better world. It starts with a new awareness. As empowered beings, we can and will change the reality of our outer circumstances by mastering our consciousness within. “It IS A New World After All” invites us all to begin with a new world vision and infuse it with all the love and compassion we have in our hearts. Now we are joining in Unity in the spirit of loving cooperation to create our new world.

11:15 am Intro to Tai Chi & Chi Gong – Denise Duquette, 30 min

Tai chi and qi gong are mind-body practices that are beneficial for general health, physical stamina, emotional balance and mental clarity. In this presentation you will learn the history of these practices and how they are being utilized by many for health and healing. Participants will learn and practice some of the basic moves of these two physical art forms.

12 pm Your Birthday Holds the Secrets of Your Life Path – John Maerz, 55 min

Many of us believe that our future is meant to be or fated toward certain outcomes. Whether that is true or not, our birthday still holds many secrets that allow us to predict, change or at the least prepare for what may be coming. Our birthday and the information it provides offers not only a history but many options for the timing of our future choices and opportunities. This allows us to make solid decisions based on awareness and the understanding of the personal cycles that we all move through and often repeat. An entertaining and informative session making us aware of our own personal cycles and how we can sculpt our futures to manifest our greatest and most ardent desires. Handouts will be provided, and some readings will be offered.

1 pm Understanding the Afterlife for Dummies – Michele Matto, 45 min

We are not dummies; we simply have never been taught, by people we trust, what happens after this physical life ends. Is there an explanation we can hear between the dogma of religion and airy fairy “energy”? How to be believable if you’re going to try to explain this to your neighbors!

2 pm How to Auto Write – Lara Jaye, 55 min

Join in this interactive and experiential workshop with this International Best-Selling Author while she teaches what auto writing is (and isn’t). Learn her top tips and techniques for allowing your intuitive guidance to speak and words to pour forth. Even if you’re not interested in writing a full book, the benefits of auto writing are numerous, including gaining trust in your intuition and Spirit Guides, receive direct guidance from your higher self, sharpen intuitive abilities and discernment, feel supported, have increased clarity in life. Please bring a notebook, journal or lap top computer if you prefer to type for our practice portion of the workshop.

3 pm The Art and Aesthetics of Altar Design – Vincent Pareti, 55 min

This workshop will provide information on how to use altars to focus your spiritual energies. We will discuss some key factors such as location, placement, altar items, symbols, intent, and the various uses of altars. We will review the history, traditions and altar designs of various religions and spiritualities, to provide inspiration towards making your own personal altars. We will then work together to collaboratively design and decorate an altar.

4 pm The Art of Making Dream Catchers – Barbara Harrison, 55 min

In some Native American cultures, a dream catcher is a handmade willow hoop, on which is woven a net or web. The dream catcher may also include sacred items such as certain feathers or beads. Traditionally they are often hung over a cradle as a protective charm for infants, or over the head of one’s bed for personal protection. This workshop will teach how to select the materials for your own personal dream catcher, and hands on instruction for making it.


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