Divination Weekend

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Divination Weekend
12 October, 2019 10:00 am
13 October, 2019 5:00 pm
$12 each except Seance Parlour $25 -or- ALL weekend events only $99.
16 August, 2019
The Spirit University
373 Braden Ave, Sarasota, 34243

The use of interpretive tools can help relay guidance through your innate intuition. Explore many uncommon techniques of discovering and interpreting otherwise hidden knowledge through the use of our extra sensory perception.


Palmistry Chiromancy – Sat, Oct 12, 10-11am
A Guide for Awakening Intuition. The practice of divining a person’s personality characteristics and personal destiny based on information contained in the palms of the hands. Using a practice that dates back as far as Sumeria and Babylonia, modern spiritual seekers may look to palmistry to help them learn more about their lives and realize more about themselves. Those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. With Cyril Mayer. $12.

Applied Kinesiology – Sat, Oct 12, 11am-12pm
Energy Testing for Stress Relief and General Well Being. Also know as muscle testing, is a method of diagnosis and treatment based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and that specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, chemical imbalances or other organ or gland problems. In this workshop we will be focusing on identifying imbalances in the body’s energy pathways, known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as meridians. With Richard Powell. $12.

Cartomancy – Sat, Oct 12, 1-2pm
Pour Your Way to a Psychic Revelation. What happens when you combine psychometry, remote viewing, pour painting and the interpretation of images into the process of creating a psychic reading? This workshop will describe how one psychic medium has created her own unique brand of divination and personal reading by joining these various skills into one process. With Michelle Axberg. $12.

Go to Heaven Workshop – Sat, Oct 12, 2-3pm
Heaven is a State of Mind. Wondering about your Guide? Thinking about going to heaven? Why wait? In this workshop you will learn that heaven isn’t a place to go to, but rather a state of conscious awareness that can easily be accessed right now. You learn the names of your guides and how to work with them as they help you discover heaven as a realized experience. With Lee Sumpter. $12.

Bibliomancy and Stitchomancy – Sat, Oct 12, 3-4pm
Divination from lines and books. Employing books, especially specific words and verses, for ‘magical medicine’, for finding positivity and spiritual guidance. This method of divination is widespread in many religions of the world. Said to be used by St. Francis of Assisi. With Ishan. $12.

Amathomancy – Sat, Oct 12, 4-5pm
Explore how to receive perceptions in sand and move forward and backward in time. A popular form of psychic reading that is carried out by native North American shamans and middle east cultures. Since the sand is from the Earth, a sand reader can use it to talk to the Earth. With Victoria Ackerman. $12.

Seance Parlour – Sat, Oct 12, 6-7:30pm
Learn about apports, billets, the medium’s trumpet, direct voice, and raps. Experience and try some of the physical mediumship techniques that are often associated with “old-time” séances, such as table-tipping, the pendulum, more. Physical Mediumship Seance is where those on the “other side of life” work through a medium and cause something to happen on our physical plane. A voice can be produced by those in spirit either directly or by using a “horn” or “trumpet” that lets a spirit person speak directly from their world to ours. Other physical phenomena are lights, smells, a sudden drop in temperature, levitation, raps or knocks, apports (objects brought in from elsewhere), transfiguration (a mask of ectoplasm covering a medium’s face, altering it to look like someone else) and so on. It takes considerable time and dedication to effectively develop the energies and harmony needed to produce phenomena and a physical bridge with the “other side” that we can all experience. With Victoria Ackerman and Barbara Harrison. $25 – limited seating.

Numerology – Sun, Oct 13, 1-2pm
Keys to your life purpose! Why Astrology and Numerology were created and how the are used to assist us in finding why life has gone the way it has and how to find your life’s purpose and what learning lessons your experiencing this and next year! Each attendee will be given a chart to work on their own bday – name address – phone # etc to see how numerology fits into one’s everyday life. With AnnMarie Touchettte. $12.

Pallomancy and Chartomancy – Sun, Oct 13, 2-3pm
Expand Your Use of the Pendulum with Charts. The pendulum is an ancient tool for “dowsing” or seeking information not readily available to the conscious awareness. This workshop will expand the use of a pendulum from a simple determiner of “yes or no” to a more precision measuring tool. Participants will learn to use the “Chart of Ten,” and the “Balance Chart” for general purpose determinations, as well as how to design their own charts for specific personal use. With Richard Powell. $12.

Carromancy and Pyromancy – Sun, Oct 13, 3-4pm
Candle Burning and its Uses. When we burn candles or set lights in the conjure tradition, we often watch and wait for divinatory signs that tell us how the work is going to come out — that is, whether the spell, wishes, questions, will be a success or not — and “what does my candle burn mean?” is the most common question folks have about this process. Barbara Harrison will give you a few suggestions on how to do your own candle divination through the type of candle to use and setting lights. Join her on this interesting magical awakening of the candle and its many meanings. With Barbara Harrison. $12.

Angelic Attunement – Sun, Oct 13, 4-5 pm
Attune your Energy to the Angels. Imagine receiving an Angelic Attunement, sensing Angel Energy all around you for a sustained period of time. You may experience unconditional love and total acceptance that lovingly and gently weaves itself throughout your entire physical body, your mental and emotional energy bodies. Will teach how to tune in and get your own Angelic Message. With Deni Dreazen. $12

SAVE: Weekend Package Price only $99


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