The Soul At Work

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The Soul At Work
1 August, 2020 6:00 pm
1 August, 2020 7:30 pm
29 June, 2020

You want more. More of something. But you’re not sure what that something is.

It’s like there’s a constant itch in your life. The feeling that something is missing. The feeling that there must be something more IN life and something more TO life. Something more to be gotten out of life.

Delve deep into the connection between the body and the soul, and learn its supernatural secrets. Massive cell replacement (mitosis) implies that there may be a “guiding energy” behind it. How do we access this guiding energy, or even know if it’s real?

There is more to being alive besides our physical existence. There is a spark behind our thoughts, emotions, and aspirations. Could these really be confined to only our living cells? Do the bones, muscles, blood, and breath of our body originate our sense of passion, fear, anger, sadness, or even love? Is there an emptiness within our physical body, or might there exist an independent self-nature — something we call a “soul”? And can we transcend inevitability and make changes within our soul for the better? Discover if there is something exceptional to life, and of a higher quality. Author Lee Sumpter brings to light these transcendental questions and inspires you to unearth you own answers. Register Here>

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