Group Soul Trauma Healings

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Group Soul Trauma Healings
17 January, 2021 4:00 pm
17 January, 2021 7:00 pm
5 January, 2021

Soul Trauma Healing is based on channeled messages from your healing spirit guides and Lightworkers. The philosophy is rooted in the knowledge that traumas occurring in past lives create negative energy and that soul pieces leave the body during times of stress or pain, emotional, physical or spiritual. Those soul traumas are carried forward with the soul’s DNA and create challenges, physical, mental and emotional in the current body. By removing the negative buildup of energy and calling back the soul pieces, and reintegrating them into the body, healing occurs. Elissa channels the visions of what occurred in the past life and is told by the healing spirits how those events relate to challenges in current life. Negative energy is removed and soul pieces returned to the body. In a group setting, each participant receives a clearing of the Chakra that is out of balance based on the client’s intention for healing. Limited to 10 attendees. With Elissa Bentsen. Register Here>

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