Let Go and Let God

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Let Go and Let God
2 July, 2020 7:00 pm
2 July, 2020 8:00 pm
20 May, 2020

“Let Go, Let God,” — we know these words, but do we really understand and abide by their meanings? What are we really letting go of? Could it mean, that we let go of anger, grief, fear powerlessness and suppositions? Could it be that these emotions and states of mind block us from receiving our highest requests and goals? When we ask “God,” our job is to release our desires or concerns to Highest Power unequivocally. We know that in time, the answer will come, and the situation will change, transition, or evolve. Sometimes patience becomes our lesson, as we hold back our doubts!

 “Let Go, Let God,” offers us an opportunity and a challenge for us to learn more about ourselves, our faiths, and beliefs. It is one thing to affirm, quite another to BE that trust. You have heard the slogan, “act as if…?” “Letting Go,” really means letting go of emotions of separation, that is felt from one’s own “God Source.” It is not about weakness, but rather about the strength of our faith and conviction. As we do this, we come to realize that our life suddenly becomes easier, simpler, and less stressed. Trusting in that “Divine Spirit,” quenches our spiritual thirst, and that which we no longer need or serves us, falls away. Rev. Zan will share her thoughts, helpful hints, insights, and her personal experience of Letting Go and Letting God in all aspects her life. She asks, “..was it ever meant to be any other way?” She will offer easy and helpful exercises to assist you on your journey. Join her for this conversation. With Zan Benham. $10. Register Here>

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