Murder of the Psychic Medium

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Murder of the Psychic Medium
24 October, 2020 7:00 pm
24 October, 2020 9:00 pm
21 August, 2020

Picture this England present day, a well-known Psychic Medium, her husband, a grown son, and daughter along with a few others in the household. Living a good life and traveling around the world. Not a dime is conserved in this household. They have the money and use it when they desire something either being simple things or an extravagant items. It is a tale of womanizing, flirtations, doubt, deception, planning, preparing and mystery.

In today age jealously and envy. People want what others have and will go after it in ways that you can only imagine. This Murder mystery has twists and turns and deception of all that are involved. Murder is a drastic measure, but it will happen here. Who will it be that’s murdered? How will it be done? Who will be the person that does the dastardly deed? Who will be blamed before the truth comes out? All these questions will be answered. So here is the story. Get Tickets Here>

Come and find out in this interesting tale of the Murder of Psychic Medium.

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