Psychic Fair – I Know What You Did This Summer

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Psychic Fair – I Know What You Did This Summer
22 August, 2020 12:00 pm
22 August, 2020 3:00 pm
22 July, 2020

Come splash into the warm waters of intuition as The Spirit University offers up a wave of excitement and summer fun! Let our psychic readers use their sixth senses to help you surf the wave of guidance and connection.

Float at will in and out of the Informative Lectures (virtual) room, which is accessible from anywhere via a cell phone, ipad, tablet or computer. These sparkling lectures run all day, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. for only $5 registration. The same registration also gives you access to the Reader Selection Site with bios and access to sign up for readings which are just $25 each. Readings are 15 minutes, so you have plenty of time to sample multiple reader styles.

How does this work? The Lectures run all day, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Only $5 registration gives you access to ALL Lectures, just come and go as you please.

This registration also gives you access to the Readers Selection Site which is complete with reader bios and ability to sign up for readings which are only $25 each for 15 minutes.

For access to all Lectures and admits you to access the Reader Sign-up site, register by clicking on pink button, directly below:



– Come and go as you please –

12:20 pm Afterlife Communication
Your loved ones who have crossed over can show you signs everyday that they are all around you — all you have to do is notice. And, if you talk to your loved ones in the afterlife, they will hear you. By talking to them, you are letting them know that you do indeed believe they are around you. This helps them to connect with you, and give you signs and communication that they are around you, and so much more. With Victoria Ackerman.

12:40 pm The Brain-Mind-Spirit Connection
Why we Need a Healthy Brain in our Spiritual Practice? Do you have trouble meditating because you just can’t quiet your mind? Does the chatter in your brain actually get worse the harder you try to quiet it? It’s not your fault: It’s hard to have a clear thought with a toxic body OR with a brain that is out of balance. Learn how low blood flow to the brain, a brain injury, or a condition such as ADD or Depression may affect your ability to quiet your mind and connect through meditation to your higher power. See how supplementing with certain foods and nootropics, and balancing your hormones, can help balance your brain, and open up your energy channels to enable you to have a thriving spiritual practice. With Beth Stockdale.

1:00 pm Clarity is Power
Are you experiencing declining productivity, low energy, confusion, or unable to make consistently good decisions? Or maybe you feel stuck in life or work. What if I told you it’s not because aren’t trying hard enough, or because something is wrong with you, or even because you’re getting older. What if everything you ever thought about ‘fixing yourself’ was a lie? What if the truth is buried in your energy field! In the feelings, in the emotions, in the energy that is barely, if at all, visible to the human eye. Your energy field contains the blueprint that DRIVES your relationships, financial stress or success, choices, and health. And, by releasing old emotions, pain, and subconscious blocks that are stuck in your field, you can shift reality from: doing to BEING. There’s a powerful energetic world existing among and in connection with our physical reality. That’s the world that I live in, that I see, that I know you too, have access to. With Lara Jaye.

1:20 pm The Miracle Mindset
Would you like to increase your energy, be more in your power and move forward without the live struggles and restrictions you feel in your life? Do you have those days where you feel tired, blah or stressed out? Are you suffering from chronic or other physical pain? Is something holding you back to reach your goals? Come experience instant changes and learn ways how to help yourself! With Heidi Korsch.

1:40 pm Trance/Channeled Talk
An inspirational trance/channeled talk which focuses on assisting individuals to have a stronger connection and resonance with the guidance and purpose of their soul. These talks provide teachings in a loving environment to create an improved sense of self empowerment and encouraging each individual’s inner wisdom to unfold with a greater clarity. Sharing in the energy of these teachings you will feel a stronger connection to the guidance and purpose of your soul. They are conveyed in a way that are easy to understand and integrate, allowing you to live in greater alignment with your true nature. This is a unique and exciting opportunity to directly converse with the loving energies of Infinite Intelligence. With Paul Crawford.

2:00 pm Protection From Earthbound Spirits While In The Hospital
Whether you’re a light worker providing spiritual services to the public or an individual seeking to learn more about the spirit world, you’ll want to attend this lecture on identifying and removing attached entities. Light workers, especially healers, will want to incorporate the principals learned in this lecture as part of their practice. Shirley Smolko.

2:20 pm The Metaphysics of Astrology
Learn HOW to learn (and think) about the realm of astrology in a way that allows its integrated archetypal symbolism to become most relevant for discovering, understanding, and activating one’s best and highest well-being, awareness, and free will through the beautifully designed divine dance of stellar symphonic synchronicity at “play,” rippling throughout consciousness. Come illuminate some innovative perspectives for contemplating the planets, signs, and the patterns they shift through, in relationship to individual, shared, and collective experiences. With Nathaniel Glosson.

2:40 pm Using the Healing Angel Protocol to Enhance Intuition & Manifestation
Discover a recently developed healing modality. It is a tool for self-healing as well as a marketable skill that can be added to any practitioner’s existing Spiritual or energy-based practice. Providing a very brief history of its origins and the course structure. We will end with a guided meditation that connects with participants with the Spiritual Helper that has come in to assist them in moving forward on their path. With Cynthia Higgins, M.D.

Join in the fun, and see how spirit is helping you!


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