Remote Viewing: A Miracle Of The Mind

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Remote Viewing: A Miracle Of The Mind
29 November, 2020 6:00 pm
29 November, 2020 7:30 pm
2 November, 2020
In the 1960’s physicist, Dr. Russell Targ was the founding director of the Stanford Research Institute, a US government funded project. The goal was to discover a method and teach military personnel to “see” nonlinear locations with their minds. It was an attempt to compete with Russian parapsychology techniques. Dr.Targ’s program was so successful it is still used today for locating missing objects, remote healing and discovering hidden locations. This workshop will show you just how intuitive you can become at describing hidden objects and locations.
Elissa Bentsen is a former psychotherapist and certified hypnotist specializing in Past Life and Life Between Life Regression, and is also a certified remote healer. She has studied with Dr. Brian Weiss as well as with Dr. Russell Targ, the former Director of the Stanford Research Institute. Register Here>
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