Stream Drawing for Intuitive & Psychic Development – Part 1

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Stream Drawing for Intuitive & Psychic Development – Part 1
21 November, 2020 7:00 pm
21 November, 2020 8:00 pm
$30, or both Parts I & 2 only $49.
8 October, 2020

Get into your natural, playful creative empowerment and facilitate your natural, spiritual, intuitive gifts by strengthening your consciousness and spiritual communication via the creative-meditation process.

This fun and exciting workshop is also a profoundly emotive one as we engage in a creative-meditation method called stream drawing. STREAM DRAWING is a flow-of-consciousness type of mark-making, to enter a state similar to the dream state when we are asleep. It allows us to consciously develop our intuitive-psychic, empathic intelligence so that we are receiving “knowings” throughout our waking days. Stream drawing takes us back to our uninhibited, expressive joy when we were very young. As born creators, we are meant to create continually, with vibrancy and elation, and stream drawing opens us to that great power we have within. Get ready to be playful, insightful and boldly intuitive, to experience profound spontaneous moments and psychic realizations! With national author Elaine Clayton. Part 2 is on Sat, Dec 04, 7-8pm. Come to either or both.  Register Here Part 1 Only>   Register Here BOTH Parts 1 & 2>


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