Tarot Practice Hour – The Key

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Tarot Practice Hour – The Key
3 June, 2020 6:00 pm
3 June, 2020 7:00 pm
19 November, 2019
Every week until 1 July, 2020 (See all)

Tarot is a key, and where there is a key, there is a door.

The tarot cards are keys to the doors leading to the inner chambers of the mind and spirit, often revealing unconscious motivations, hidden fears, and secret desires.

Would you like to know the future? The responsible practice of tarot is not fortune telling. Instead it is a tool to help you examine and resolve the issues in your life.

Tarot is like a living language. It undergoes constant growth and change, but at its core, its universal meanings speak to all eras and cultures. The psychologist, C. G Jung, explained the symbolism of the cards as representing universal archetypes.

You can find many different decks of Tarot cards. Each artist interprets the cards in his or her own way, building upon the tradition of Tarot, but adding his own unique interpretation to the cards.

This workshop will offer a bit of education and advice to further your knowledge of the Tarot, the bulk of the session will be spent practicing. Come with your favorite deck of Tarot cards! With Cathy Zapsalis. Register Here>

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