The Code Of The Empath

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The Code Of The Empath
8 August, 2020 6:00 pm
8 August, 2020 9:00 pm
29 June, 2020

Addressing the special needs of an empath, defining the different types of empaths, reviewing the higher senses. First half of workshop is lecture and second half will be experiential. There will be interactive time to teach and demonstrate empath survival tools, which is inclusive of creating healthy energetic boundaries. Here we will learn:

  • To decipher what are ones issues and which ones aren’t as they all feel the same.
  • What “emotional PH” is.
  • What ones “OS” or operating system is.
  • To put language to an empath’s depth of feelings.
  • The value on earth of an Empath.
  • A core plan to address ones needs.
  • Individual mission statement and integrating it into ones energy field.
  • The chakra system and anatomy of the energy field.
  • The emotional heart and where emotion is stored.
  • Emotional filters vs walls and blocks and how to utilize them.

The student will:

  1. Be able to identify what type of Empath they are.
  2. Be able to identify their special self care needs.
  3. Explore their abilities.
  4. Learn to embrace their gifts and understand their mission as an empath.
  5. Learn survival tools and implement them.
  6. Have a new support system of other empaths that they will be able to communicate with.

With Carolyn Green, RN “The Energy Nurse.” Register Here>

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