The Science and Metaphysics of Crystal Healing

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The Science and Metaphysics of Crystal Healing
2 April, 2020 7:00 pm
2 April, 2020 9:00 pm
12 February, 2020
The Spirit University
373 Braden Ave, Sarasota, 34243

Explore the science and metaphysics of crystal healing, discover how to sense and work with energy, perform a crystal chakra-balancing and experience over 40 other crystal healing layouts. This 4-part series (come to any or all) is hands-on, as students will work in pairs in order to experience the healing power of crystals, and learn to perform the healing for others. Gain the knowledge and acquire the skills necessary to become a confident crystal healer! With certified crystal healer Rod Pettit.

This week  Be guided through the experience of sensing and working with energy. Simple exercises to get a feel for things, then practice sensing the energy from various crystals and stones. Build the confidence you need to determine what stones to use for healing, and why. We will discuss the different layers of the aura, and demonstrate how to scan the energy field for holes, leaks, or tears. Perform an aura scan, learning to sense the subtle flow of the different layers of energy. Acquire new skills and techniques to cleanse, repair, and protect the aura, and discover how to use crystals to remove energy blockages. Explore the transference of healing light energy with the crystal energy infusion technique.

  • Learn how to feel and work with energy, practice techniques to help improve your sensitivity to energy.
  • Explore how to use a pendulum to detect energy flow.
  • Discover the many layers of the aura, and find out how energy blockages in these layers can affect our physical, spiritual, and emotional health.
  • Learn how to scan the aura for holes, leaks and tears, then acquire the skills necessary to repair the energy field.
  • Master the technique of crystal energy infusion.
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