Use Pendulum Testing for Clarity, Confidence, and Peace of Mind -Part 1

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Use Pendulum Testing for Clarity, Confidence, and Peace of Mind -Part 1
24 October, 2020 2:00 pm
24 October, 2020 4:00 pm
15 September, 2020

You can deepen self-realization and find truth and peace of mind in your life using a process called Pendulum Dowsing. Learn how to tap into your own Inner Wisdom for the answers you need… anytime, anywhere. Register Here>

1) Select, train, cleanse and care for your pendulum.
2) Prepare yourself to connect with the Universal Dowsing System and for each pendulum session.
3) Use your pendulum to communicate goals and intentions to the subconscious mind.
4) Use your pendulum to receive guidance and information from your Inner Wisdom.
5) Formulate proper questions for getting yes-or-no answers, and working with charts.
6) Determine what foods are safe to consume, or food sensitivities.
7) Discover when others are trying to manipulate, deceive, or take advantage of you.

In this workshop you will discover meaningful, interesting ways to apply dowsing to get the answers you need, answers your rational mind cannot give you. Dowsing is an invaluable tool that can take the guesswork, and thus the stress, out of the many taxing decisions we need to make every day. This class also includes a session on “device-less dowsing” for those occasions when your pendulum is not immediately at hand, or is inconvenient to use.

The goal of this 2-part training is to learn the information and motor skills necessary to use a pendulum (or other dowsing method) to good effect in one’s daily life. Participants who complete all four sessions have the opportunity to qualify as a “Level 1 Pendulum Operator.” Each class session includes an instructional handout (in pdf format) for downloading prior to the session’s start. Part 2 continues on October 31 from 2-4pm. With Richard Powell. Register Here>

“Introduction to Dowsing and Using the Pendulum as a Dowsing Tool” In this session, the participants learn:
* How the skill of using a pendulum can improve their lives;
* How to view and use the pendulum as an intuitive tool;
* How to select a pendulum for their personal use;
* How to “train” their subconscious mind to provide answers using the pendulum;
* What the “Dowsing Energy” is and how to connect with it.

“Setting Goals and Formulating Questions” In this session, the participants learn:
* How to create effective goal statements for their dowsing sessions;
* How to create effective Yes / No questions to present to the pendulum;
* How to use a “Scale of 10” chart and formulate effective questions.

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