Shanna Spalding St. Clair

SSS photoShanna Spalding St. Clair has been a medium and spiritual educator for nearly 30 years

A licensed Spiritualist minister since 1990, Shanna has served churches and spiritual centers, presenting workshops and demonstrating mediumship in Massachusetts, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Florida, Canada, and at Lily Dale, New York.

Shanna has served Lily Dale Assembly as lecturer, clairvoyant, platform chairperson, and workshop presenter since the late 1980’s

During her many years in Spiritualist/spiritual work, Shanna actively supported several churches in Ohio. She helped to found Church of the Angels, which is still very active inOhio. She has been a church board president, as well as a board director and parliamentarian. She has served as chairperson of the Spiritual Advisory Committee and the Education Committee at churches where she has served.

Shanna had a profound and life changing epiphany experience in the 1980’s and the next day was able to hear and see those in spirit. This was not a path she had planned, or so she thought! A month after this experience, she began to receive information from spirit, which resulted in three channeled books on Karma and Illusion.