Dawn Freeman

Dawn FreemanDawn Freeman  Reiki Master, Psychic Explorer

As a young child, Dawn was very intuitive and was able to see auras.  As a teenager she experienced curious premonitions and had visions of people and places she had no previous knowledge of.  In these formative years, stories about psychic abilities and unusual religious experiences of various family members encouraged her interest in metaphysics, spirituality, and healing.

In her twenties, Dawn awoke in the middle of the night surrounded by a serene, heavy, green mist that filled the entire room.  Examing her hands, she discovered beams of steady, white light streaming from them.  It was then, that she knew her calling was to be a metaphysical healer.  She began working with people and animals with various ailments.

Dawn received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Comparative Religion and completed graduate work at the Medical School of the University of South Florida in Tampa.  Dawn has also completed course work at the College of Metaphysical Studies of Saint Petersberg.  Dawn has enjoyed a lifelong study of healing and religions.  Theosophy, Hinduism, and Buddhism being particular points of interest.