Helen Greene

Intuitive Empath/Pagan High Priestess/Certified Reiki Master

Helen Greene grew up knowing something was different within herself. Born to a loving yet traditional family, the teachings of her religious upbringing never seemed to fit. Since she was a young child, she found solace and peace in nature and always suspected there was some untapped wisdom lurking in the natural world. As she grew, she found herself drawn to the metaphysical and what is referred to as “The Old Ways”-Ancient practices of people who were connected to the cycles of nature interwoven with the spiritual realm. Upon her move to Sarasota in 2004, she began her life anew and began pursuing these interests with a renewed vigor. Under the guidance of different mentors, she began studying theology, history with a focus on pagan religions, deities, and practices. Through her studies and practical application, she worked to hone her abilities to control the natural energies surrounding us, honor these forces, and use them to bring forth her desires, deepening her spiritual growth and understanding. After four years of study in 2010 under the mentorship of a pagan high-priest/minister, she became a high-priestess and began teaching others the way of the Craft.  Since then, she has worked to break stereotypes about being a witch, what it means to be a pagan in our modern world, and a desire to help others understand their own inner magick.

On a professional level, Helen has studied psychology with a focus on family and marriage counseling at the University of South Florida while working in human resourcing and sales. She is now working as the project manager here at The Spirit University.  She is also the mom of two wonderful teenagers whom she considers her greatest accomplishment and joy.