Katya De Luisa

headKatya De Luisa, is an artist, writer, expressive arts program developer and a creativity coach for seniors. Her fascination with the brain, mind and dementia began in 2000 after partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association. She designed a picture communication technique for persons with later stage dementia. A caregiver training program, funded by the Sarasota Community Foundation enabled her to present this program at several international conferences on aging as well as tour the USA conducting training of families and professionals at eldercare organizations.

Her investigations into the science of the brain and her personal interactions with hundreds of persons with dementia have impacted her own spiritual journey. This has guided her to some amazing insights about the interaction of the brain, mind and human spirit and how dementia could be a progression to higher consciousness.

Katya is bilingual with experience as a transition specialist for seniors, advocate for eldercare residents, private care, personalized home care planning and creativity coach for seniors.  Her programs have been presented at several international conferences on aging and featured in numerous media publications and interviews on both television and radio.