Lara Jaye

Lara Jaye is leading the shift for those who desire a unique strategic edge to keep up with their fast paced life. Lara guides clients both professionally and personally allowing for a more calm, balanced life and a profound impact on their level of clarity.

For the past decade, Lara has dedicated her life to studying, understanding and communicating with the unseen powers that surround us. Tapping into this invisible energy and making a choice from this space shifts the vibration of a situation and fosters extraordinary balance and extreme clarity. When we communicate with those energies and lead from this place, we’re able to master the invisible, and in turn, our physical world.

She is a Butler University graduate (Indianapolis, Indiana), iCoach University certified, Reiki Master/Teacher, passionate entrepreneur, and light language transmitter.

In her #1 best-selling Amazon book, More Than Enough: Discover Your Limitless Potential and Live Your Bravest Dream (2015), Lara guides others through transition while reaching for their bravest dream. In her international best-selling books she co-authored, Midlife Transformation: Redefining Life, Love, Health and Success (2016), Lara tells her story entitled “God-Spark” and in the most recent book, Courageous Hearts (2017), Lara describes her courageous path in “Finding My Happy.”