Michael Newton-Brown

Michael learned to read the Tarot Cards in 1970, his senior year in college. That’s forty-seven years ago.

It all started when he was three years old, and woke up crying. His great grandmother had just passed over downstairs, and came to say   goodbye. As an adult, he learned that psychic abilities were evident in the history of his family, both sides. But, nobody talked about those things then.

In 1975, Michael attended the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences in Stansted England. The following year, he was invited to present a workshop on intuition.

Michael has used his intuition to establish a long, and successful, professional career in the entertainment industry.

He is a member of The Tarot Association, an international organization of professional readers. He also attends The Reader’s Studio in New York. Both organizations provide his code of ethics.

For three years, he has been teaching, and reading for a local metaphysical shop. In addition to private clients, he reads for parties, events, proms, and businesses.

Michael’s goal is to gently guide you through probabilities, and possibilities, giving you the tools to take control of your life.