Paul Crawford

Born in America, Paul’s family  moved to the United Kingdom when he was just four months old, where he then grew up in London. From a young age he became involved with the spiritual aspects of life by attending Spiritualist churches. He became more fully interactive with spirit when in his teenage years, sitting in development circles initially at home with three generations of family that included his grandma, mum, aunt and sister in the late 1970’s. He developed this further by attending several Spiritualist churches in London culminating in being an active member of Stockwell Spiritualist Church with Caroline.

Paul also enhanced his natural healing and spirit communication abilities by becoming a qualified Reiki Master and Reflexologist, where he professionally practiced these modalities alongside his work in the construction industry. In his early years of development circles Paul experienced some profound transfiguration which progressed to the phenomenon of trance and channeling becoming ever stronger. In the 1990’s Paul started giving trance/channeled talks to large public groups as well as smaller groups. The smaller groups normally being run as four to six weekly workshops.

These seminars and workshops focused on assisting individuals to have a stronger connection and resonance with the guidance and purpose of their soul. They provided teachings in a loving environment to create an improved sense of self empowerment and encouraging each individual’s inner wisdom to unfold with a greater clarity.