Rob Pritchard

Rob is a natural intuitive, skilled and trained in many metaphysical and energy healing modalities. His list of specialities include: ThetaHealing, Access Bar, Usui and Kundalini Reiki, Chakra & Energy Balancing, and more.

He has been on the spiritual path since the age of 8 when he taught himself how to heal his sprained ankle. At that tender age he learned thoughts manifest into reality.

Rob has studied Tae Kwon Do, Karate and different forms of Kung Fu. As a teenager he competed at the state and national levels. His study of martial arts incorporated the energy from these teachings into his healing abilities.

Rob has a background in Psychology from Fairmont State and Mary Mount University. He has studied and received certifications in life coaching, hypnosis, Reiki (Usui, Kundalini and Komyo Reiki:RMT), theta healing, Access Bars, Bach flower and tuning fork therapy.

Rob is an avid teacher of the Law of Attraction and that is evident in his statement: “Change your thoughts, Change your mind.” It is this unique view on life that makes Rob a Master Healer. He recognizes the intrinsic harmony and relationship between the human experience and the physical reality. In his sessions, nothing is segregated. You will experience change across the board in your emotions, spiritual life, mental attitudes and physical well-being.