Sharon Hill

 Sharon+Header7Registered Medium – Lily Dale Assembly

Rev. Sharon Hill, BA, LMT, is a registered Medium at Lily Dale Assembly. She was ordained through Fellowships of the Spirit in 2006 after graduating from The School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy. She served as head pastor for The Church of the Angels of Cleveland, Ohio for over 3 years teaching Spiritual Healing and Mediumship. She has taught both beginning and advanced mediumship classes and has herself studied at the Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted, England. She has practiced in the healing arts since 1999 as a Reiki Master and is a massage therapist licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board. Her degree is in Organization Leadership from the Cleveland State University.

NIK_4074I believe we are spiritual beings having an earthly human experience. Therefore, we are all connected to spirit. I believe we all have spiritual gifts awaiting our awareness and development upon discovery. If you are here, and you’re breathing, you are connected to spirit. I believe I was born a natural medium, having accurate recollection of spirit awareness since the age of 2. This was amplified by a near death experience at the age of 4 and further heightened during adolescence. However, it wasn’t until my brother passed into spirit that I was compelled to seek out understanding. My journey led me to become a Spiritualist Minister through Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, and a Registered Medium through the Lily Dale Assembly.

I believe in the continuity of life and that there is no death! I believe my highest calling, my purpose and my passion is to be a conduit linking to the world of spirit, and through spirit communication, bring love, truth, healing and understanding of the highest. It is my great honor and privilege to serve Spirit on your behalf.