Jean Marcley

Jean Marcley received her certification as a Laughter Yoga leader in 2013 from a qualified teacher in Connecticut. She has led Laughter Yoga groups in Arizona, where she lived for the past ten years, as well as in New York, Connecticut, and Florida. Ms. Marcley has developed workshops and seminars on topics such as Stress Management, Worry Shmorry, and Self Esteem and presented them in New
York, North Carolina, and Oregon.

As a blind woman, Jean has been able to overcome many challenges using self-talk (also known as affirmations) and her great sense of humor. “I love to make people feel better,” Ms. Marcley says, “especially when they are facing a challenge.” Jean Marcley has been legally blind for over 63 years which is what has led to this path in her life. Ms. Marcley has led seminars and workshops, owned a retail business, worked as a party-plan seller, teaches line dancing, and does standup comedy.