Special Guests: Reiki Chef Narendra, Author Doug Plaskett

International Reiki Chef Narendra.
Guests start to arrive and mingle.
The ingredients are prepped and ready.
Chef Narendra gets started.
As he demonstrated, Chef Narendra spoke about his life growing up in Nepal and India and his worldwide travels.
Multi-layered steamer.
The finished plate -- yummy! The aroma and taste were simply wonderful.
George goes up to try his hand at dumpling making, as did all the guests.
Outside the Center. Thank you Chef Narendra for such a spectacular event.
Author Doug Plaskett teaches avid participants about how to do Automatic Spirit Writing.
Doug Plaskett discusses with the audience what will take place before he starts the Past Life Regression.
Hypnotist Doug Plaskett during Past Life Regression Session.
Doug Plaskett guides participants to visit their past lives.
Doug Plaskett, Author.