Photo Gallery – A Few Classes

George Ackerman teaches students how to use dowsing rods.
Students learn how to use "L" rods for dowsing.
The Dowsing Class was fun and interactive.
Reiki Serenity Set-up.
The Reiki Serenity Session set-up before starting.
Before the The Reiki Serenity Session began.
Reiki Serenity Session.
The art of reading tea leaves, or Tasseography, is a method that interprets patterns in tea leaves.
A sample cup of tea leaves to be read and interpreted.
Students learned how to identify symbols and patterns (and their significance) in reading tea leaves. Tasseography can be a powerful meditative tool providing insights into the reader's subconscious.
There are many different modes of scrying to choose from. The focal point, or scrying tool, is often a crystal ball, mirror, or bowl of liquid.
Students learned how to use a colorful and fascinating scrying tool.
Even wax patterns can be used to receive insight.
A table at the Tea Leaves, Scrying and Flame Meditation.
A table at the Tea Leaves, Scrying, and Flame Meditation workshop.
Medium Victoria Ackerman: An Evening of Spirit Communication.
Mediumship Development Class taught by Victoria Ackerman.
Classroom multimedia.
Mediumship Development Class
Mediumship Development Class.
Multi-media presentation to assist participants in understanding AURAS and in sensitizing color perception.
Students practiced seeing auras while volunteers stood in front of white and black backgrounds.
After class students posed for aura photos.